It’s a little stormy to the north.

It’s a little stormy to the north.

My favorite way to start a sentence is, “I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but…”

I have yet to use it in conversation and that ANNOYS ME SO MUCH.

Hello, children.

This is a post to inform you that since tumblr continues to behave in a shitty and unjust manner, I will be hopping blogs. 

After spending a year and a half posting great music that I love, I received two of those stupid “copyright infringement” things. And after the second one, some of you may remember that I deleted all of my audio posts and have not posted a single one since. Well, despite doing that, I received another “notice” that was a “final warning” to stop posting or be deleted from tumblr. Don’t worry, I plan on writing a scathing email to tumblr once I’ve set up the other blog. 

So, I will be deactivating this blog soon (by next week at the latest) and working under a new blog. It’ll be sweettoothforsonglives….as in, you know, I’m not fucking dead because this bullshit can’t stop me from posting written suggestions of great things. 

Some of you have already followed me on there, when it was under a different name, so…I guess you can ignore this. 

For those of you who may want to continue on with me, I’ll be over here. I’ll be following all of the people I follow now under that name, so if that pops up in your notifications, it’s me. 

I’d like to say that I believe change is a good thing, but I’m not wired that way. 


Now I’ll go back to angrily muttering to myself while I work on the new blog.

Trying to convince myself that I am brave enough to wear yellow and orange skirts to work in the fall.

The amount of black clothing in my closet says that it might not be possible…

It’s always fun when my cats wake me up at 3am because they are loudly stalking an unknown creature.

And then I have to tear my bedroom apart looking for it and hoping it’s not a spider.

And then when I finally give up after I can’t find anything, Joey goes sprinting for the A/C floor vent and I see something.

And it’s a cricket.

Very thankful it was a cricket. But now since there are spiders in my windows, I can’t open them to put it outside.

So Mr. Cricket is in a Tupperware container with air holes and some drops of water until the morning.

These cats, I swear…

19 August 2014    Reblog    

Time for some genealogy!

Sorting through some Pennsylvania ancestors now. 


It’s been an interesting night for genealogy. 

I found a great-great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle who signed the Declaration of Independence.


This is just about too much for my history loving brain to handle.

Trying to find a place for 16 new books is not the easiest task I’ve tried to tackle today…

15 August 2014    Reblog    
My sweetest little Edwin. 

He always covers his face while he sleeps.

My sweetest little Edwin.

He always covers his face while he sleeps.