Do you ever just want to shake somebody and scream “STOP DOING THESE STUPID THINGS” right at that person’s face?

I do. 

24 July 2014    Reblog    

I’m rewriting my classroom rules posters for this coming school year, and I’m changing it from commands to “I”-first rules. So, we go from “Try your best every day,” to “I will try my best every day.” Then I’m going to make up a sheet for all of them to sign their names. Practicing that accountability skill from day one.

My dash has already started to look more like autumn. Makes me excited about it!

Ugh, lucky! Pretty much all of mine is still summer stuff. I’m daydreaming about winter to fight the 95+ Virginia heat, haha.

22 July 2014    Reblog    

The problem with having my iTunes on shuffle is that I end up with Christmas music playing randomly. And now it’s July and I’m listening to Christmas carols and daydreaming about snow and Christmas trees and food. It’s only going to get more frequent as the months go by…

Blackberry picking!

And even better since I don’t have to leave our farm.

There is no such thing as too much tea.

That is the truth.

20 July 2014    Reblog    


I am in love. Someone hide my credit card.

20 July 2014    Reblog    

I’ve been busy with my cabinets.

And I have too much tea.



A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear. Unless it’s 3am. And you’re home alone. And you don’t have a baby.

Reblogging for Katie.

Bahaha, I hope that one doesn’t happen. I already have enough weird noises in this house, haha. 

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Unexplained horrifying scream resonating through the house just now. Mom said it sounded like a woman’s bloodcurdling scream. I didn’t hear it, but both of my parents did. 

The other day, I walked into my parents’ kitchen, and as soon as I did, I smelled something. It smelled like smoke, so it got my attention. My mom didn’t smell anything. My mom called my dad in from his office, at the other end of the house, and asked him to see if he smelled anything. I hadn’t told him what I’d smelled, and he said it was like a candle was lit and then blown out. It only lasted for about 30 seconds and was gone. Obviously no one lit any candles. 

a few days before, I was chasing after one of my cats, and as I went to turn on the hall light, it flashed brightly and I got an immediate feeling that I needed to stop in my tracks and not go down that hallway. I told myself that I was just startled by the light and brushed it off. I tried to turn it off and back on, probably 10 times, but it never worked again for me. I thought it blew and told dad he needed to change it (seeing as I am too short without a ladder). When he went to turn it on, it worked fine. 

Just an update on the creepy things over the last couple of weeks.